Welcome to
Where, used to be, and may still be a place of interest in virtual soaring in
Microsoft Flight Simulator's,
real life soaring, and maybe even, RC soaring!
Now I face a focus that may change a bit, and will have changed a lot
as far as being a repository storing downloads dating back to some of
the earliest Microsoft Flight Simulators.  And NO, those files do not
exist on the server anymore and I am unable to provide any
more information on such files at this time.

Please do not try to contact me just yet, Time will only tell when that can be done.

Updated December 4th, 2023

Can I say yet again ... WOW!  I've somewhat realized that
so far, MSFS has not been my sim of choice.  I just don't
want to be dissatisefied with the workings of MSFS.  Now I
know, I know, it's suppossedly considered something like
a sim of the year, but still, I have my doubts.

  So, until next time ...
Hopefully Happy SOARing to you!!

December 3rd, 2022

WOW!  Time sure has flown by, I ended up able to download
the new edition within hours of release, but I have little to
show for it.  I haven't even made time to actually fly a
glider in the sim.  Been spending little time in the sim trying
to update the classic FS2004 SOAR Ranch for it's MSFS
debut.  I may have placed the original FSX SOAR Ranch
not quite in the exact location as FS2004.  Anyway, I
never really liked the MSFS SOAR Ranch for the alpha
version I made at the time, and I thought it would be nice
to get the almost exact location and runway configuration
as the original finished version from FS2004 with a
somewhat modified layout with same general structures
of the SOAR Ranch.  I've created and saved so many
MSFS versions that I have forotten which direction is up.
There is just something about the coordinates verses the
location that just doesn't seem or feel right.  So, once I
get the Ranch into MSFS and I know it is as best located
as possible, I should be able to enjoy my first real glider
flight in MSFS and out of the SOAR Ranch as well.
Hopefully the sim has come to a point that one can do
that, but only time will tell I guess.

  So, until next time ...
Hopefully Happy SOARing to you!!

November 5th, 2022

This just in ...  October 28th entry still looming?!
Need I say more ...  Hahaha

Well ...  Hopefully Happy SOARing to you!!

October 28th, 2022

Just read the brief MSFS Team blog found on Steam,
and ... Still cannot get my hopes up, but I have to say ...
They surely made it sound so gooood ... Hehehe.  Not
sure what they are trying to pull though, but I'm just
going to assume there is a lot more to the blog entry
they left on Steam, even though they signed off with
their "signature" at It's end.  So ... what was actually
in that video they talked about in the blog entry?  I
know, I know, I'm "supposed" to go to their website
possibly to gain access to their "infinite wisdom".
Well?  I don't think sooo ... Hehehehe.

Anyway, two weeks is what they claim, and yep,
that does fall on about the 11th of November.
Will it be welcomed by everyone just days after
release?!  Now that is going to be answered
with it's OWN surety, I'm sure ... Hahaha.
But, what I'm really wondering is ... Is a lot
of it already being swept under the rug?
Silence is golden, or so I've been told ...
especially since the beta team "could" be
on strict orders with this one to be quiet,
very quiet I might add ... Hehehe!

Well, until next time ...
Happy SOARing to you!!

October 23rd, 2022

So ... Is the 40th Aniversary Edition of the simulator
going to make an impact on you?  My hope, well, my hope
is that it will impact me for the better, but I won't hold
my breath.  The reasons?  Well, for one, there is a better
chance of me NOT getting the "free" update right away
because I don't get to the update until the next day anyway,
than to see this "edition" come out on the date it is
supposed to be released.  Another reason?  Quality...  If,
and that's a BIG if, if it does come out on that date, it will
have bugs big-time because of what seems like pressure
on Asobo to release it no matter what, and then the beta
team can get "the blame" yet again for not catching the
bugs in time, or whatever excuse they want to give.

Microsoft's track record isn't very good, at least with
me anyway, and hasn't been for quite some time.  I'm not
sure who's fault it is really, for is it Asobo's or is it
Microsoft's (or is it Mine ... Hehehe).  Who really knows
the whole truth behind it all, because it is beyond me.
Well, don't want to get too worked up about it.
So ... Until next time ...
Happy SOARing to you!!

October 17th, 2022

So ... the state of SOAR ... still undecided.

But, it could change for the better ... then again,
it could get a whole lot worse ... only time will tell.
So ... stay tuned and ready for anything, because
that's where it is right now.

Just a side note, I may start working on another
FunFly/Competition for FS2004/FSX, but it will
somewhat depend on a number of things ... let
me see, hmmmm, what were they again ... Ohhh,
I think I remember now ... infinite wisdom, well,
maybe just the funniest humor I've gotten to
experience lately so until next time,
happy soaring to you!!

September 18th, 2022

Thought about giving a brief statement about
the current state of SOAR as it stands at the
moment.  So in the coming weeks possibly, I
will try to explain the situation as best I can.
The files that used to exist on the server are
all but gone basically, but "good writens"
I say with confidence and no regrets.

Anyway, I will try to get into this a little
more in depth in the coming weeks, so
until that time comes, hope you have been
getting some kind of soaring in to your enjoyment.

September 16th, 2022

Heard any good jokes lately ... Hehehe
Hilariously funny, isn't it!!
I guess the joke is on the beta team, yet again.

September 2nd, 2022

So, <grin> <grin> chuckle, chuckle ...
Oh ... did I do that out loud ... Hehehe

August 14th, 2022
but with edit below on August 19th, 2022

So, here I am again, and still not an end in site.  I get most, if not
all my info from the STEAM account as far as knowing what's
going on with MSFS officially.  The reasoning for this is simple
basically, Microsoft may have inadvertently, or so I think (Hehehe),
put an end to my going to their site/forum for a long while now,
so I am unable to get any info from their site until they release
it to STEAM.  You may wonder if it hurt, well, it did a lot at the
beginning, just couldn't understand their dealings with loyal
customers, but that feeling went away a while after.  I still
somewhat support them a little by giving them some money
for any of their products that I do use.  See, I'm an
UbuntuStudio PC user for most of my doings, and use
Windows PC's when I would like to run or play the simulators
or games that I have for them, and I also run the Windows system
for other interests that cannot run on the UbunutuStudio
operating system.

Anyway, this is fine and I have come to expect it, and in so
doing I have accepted this reality to which I live.  So again,
reopening is still uncertain and just may not happen
for a while, if at all.

EDIT: August 19th, 2022
From the looks of the brief MSFS Dev Blog I read
on STEAM this morning, I had quite a chuckle/laugh.
Do I dare to say that I do not feel for the true beta
testers out there, as limited as such testers must be.
If it is anything like the beginning stages of testing,
not many higher up in the chain were willing to accept
truth.  Now I know I could go on and on about this,
but it is beneath me now and I am sure some of
you less fortunate have definitely heard enough.

SO, not going to get my hopes up, but then again
a lot can happen in a span of 2 weeks if I read it write.
Somewhat hope to be back sooner than later.